Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The First Dilmah t-Bar in the country Now Brewing at Radisson Blu Cebu

CEBU (3 March 2015) Radisson Blu Cebu launched the first Dilmah t-Bar in the country today with
guest of honor, founder of Dilmah and the world’s most experienced tea maker Merrill J. Fernando

and son Dilhan Fernando.

Dilmah t-Bar at Radisson Blu Cebu celebrates an experience with the unique pleasure and natural

goodness of 21 single origin teas, grown from low, mid and high altitudes from Sri Lanka, China,

Japan and South Africa. Dilmah t-Bar is set to present a tea lifestyle with its collection of green teas,

black teas, flavored black teas, infusions and very rare teas. The tea menu includes Moroccan Mint

Green Tea, Ceylon Young Hyson n Green Tea, Brilliant Breakfast, Rose with French Vanilla, Blueberry

and Pomegranate, Lychee with Rose and Almond, Natural Ceylon Ginger Tea, Mango and

Strawberry, Rooibos Pure Natural Organic, Natural Rosehip with Hibiscus, Sencha Green Extra

Special, Single Estate Assam, Single Estate Darjeeling, Tie Guan Yin and Rosemary with Peppermint


Dilmah is no ordinary tea, it is a brand that is founded on a passionate commitment to quality and

authenticity in tea. Tea perfection is found in a cup served hot, fragrant and delicious, chilled or

sparkling over ice, or as a rich Dilmah t-shake. Whether taken hot or iced, these teas are designed to

help people relax, invigorate and d enhance life.

“For centuries, problems of man-kind have been solved over a cup of tea. Whether they were

problems between nations, amongst businesses, even in families, between husbands and wives, tea

has been the soothing balm that helped their solution. The simple act of pouring a cup of tea is in

itself an ice-breaker, providing pleasurable anticipation of the goodness that t is to follow. I have

dedicated over 60 years of my life towards providing that cup, not only to solve problems but to add

sunshine, to our day with every sip of Dilmah.” said Merrill Fernando.

Beyond the luxurious indulgence of nature’s healing essence, Dilmah t-Bar has prepared tea-inspired
gastronomy, featuring sweet and savory traditional high tea, served daily at the lower lobby from

3PM to 5PM.  

The launch was led by the founder of Dilmah, Merrill J. Fernando, son Dilhan Fernando, Radisson Blu

Cebu’s General Manager, Nishan Silva and SM Hotels and Conventions Corporation’s Senior Vice

President for Operations, Peggy Angeles. With a Tea Mixology by Tess Posthumus, one of the world’s

leading bar tenders and tea ambassador of Dilmah. A 20-foot long high tea infused buffet spread of

Savory Cornet with Pure Chamomile Cured Salmon, Sesame Dumpling in Ginger Ceylon Tea Soup,

Cebuano Humba infused with Single Estate Darjeeling, Rose with French Vanilla a Tea Infused Buffalo

Curd Pana Cotta, South Africa an Malva Pudding, Chocolate Flower Pot filled with Chocolate Sand

and Lychee – Rose Almond Tea Jelly, Ceylon Cinnamon Tea Macaroons, Blueberry and Pomegranate

Black Tea Sorbet and Moroccan Mint Green Tea Sorbet and local high tea favorites with a twist such

as Green Tea Leche Flan, Jasmine Tea Maja Blanca, Rosehip Puto and more were served to patrons,

clients and media friends.

Radisson Blu Cebu’s General Manager Nishan Silva and Director of Food and Beverage, Ramon

Makilan have been trained in the Dilmah School of Tea in Sri Lanka prior to the opening of the t-Bar.

Currently, there are Dilmah t-Lounges, t-Houses and t-Bars in operation in several global destinations

including Poland, Belarus, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka and now in the

Philippines, all offering a quiet and a relaxing environment with a variety of cocktails, mocktails, hot

teas, shakes as well as tea-inspired gourmet snacks, cakes and desserts.

For more information, please call (63 32) 402 9900 or email reservations.cebu@radisson.com

Dilmah t-Bar is now brewing at Radisson Blu Cebu from 9AM to 11PM.

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