Monday, August 18, 2014

Why you should say the coveted I Do in Cebu, Philippines

For more than a decade the Queen city of the south, Cebu has always been a favorite wedding destination for couples most especially tourists who want to have a unique experience or for those who want to get more out of from the most memorable moment in everyone’s lives. 

A close rival of the island of Boracay only with a more advantageous and bigger setting, Cebu certainly has a lot to offer for couples in terms of pristine beaches, breathtaking heritage sites, classic churches, tourist attractions, delicious food and of course warm and hospitable people. 

The city is also fast becoming to be a favorite destination for themed weddings for Cebu is abundant in scenic views and magnificent landscapes where virtually every resource is readily available with a growing number of establishments now catering to this ever growing special market segment. 

Wedding Hotels- The best venue and reception for your wedding

In terms of accommodations, metropolitan Cebu is home to more than 79 hotels and restaurants with each one offering unique services and amenities to meet the demand of couples depending on their budget, theme, lifestyle and number of guests.

The city is also home to a lot of elegant and classic churches within its limits so getting to another place after the fervent ceremony is never a hassle.

There are also luxury hotels in the metro like Radisson Blu Cebu that offers superbly great function halls and rooms that can accommodate large number of guests along with exciting wedding packages, exquisite menus and a highly trained events team to take care of you. 

Great Tasting Menu- The other main highlight to a memorable wedding

Like it or not aside from the couple, the other main highlight to a great wedding is the food. If your menu has been exceptional, your guests will definitely have a delightful time to the point that your wedding will be recalled at the mere mention of a dish that appealed most to them.

When it comes to this segment and for starters, Cebu offers the best palate as it is home to the world-famous and best tasting Lechon or roasted pig (the main course where a majority of Filipino feasts will never do without) plus, the island is host to specialized restaurants and luxury hotels where local and international chefs, offer world-class local and inter-continental dishes to suit everyone’s taste.

All you have to do is select which options best fits you or play with your creativity to mix and match things then you can just relax and enjoy your time away knowing that food service is in good hands.

Customized Wedding Themes and Packages

If you’re looking to customize your wedding, a majority of Cebu hotels offer customized wedding themes and packages from the entourage- all the way to the reception which includes some of the items mentioned below:

•    Chauffeured Bridal Car
•    Themed Bride and Entourage Flowers
•    Bottles of Select Sparkling Wines
•    Menu
•    Special Room Rates for couples and guests (For Hotels)

Now you know why Cebu is on the A list when it comes to exciting and memorable wedding celebrations. Drop a line at (63 32) 4029900 or (63 32) 505 1700 and you will always be assured of the grandest time. Warm wishes on your wedding day!

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